Frequently  Asked Questions

Q: I’d like to purchase a painting from you, how may I do that?

Thank you very much. If you are located in Toronto, I can and will happily meet you in person to make the transactional exchange,  but if meeting in person is not an option, then  I can express mail or courier the painting to you.

Q: What kind of forms of payment do you accept?

I accept payment in cash, Interac E-Transfer, Paypal, International money order, stocks, bonds, rare collectibles and Bitcoin.

Q: Do you have any events?

I have not yet conducted a live showing of my fine art yet, however I am working towards making this happen soon.

Q: Do you paint in oils?

No I have not yet painted in oils, but maybe I will one day.

Q: Do you tattoo, or do you design tattoos?

No, I do not tattoo. Yes I do design tattoos for people.






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