The Fine Art of Joshua AndrewsI am fascinated by all sorts of creatures , plants and flowers, and how each one plays its role in each one of their local Eco-systems and in the food chain.  I get tremendous joy from learning about each one and then painting them, especially pollinating species like the Monarch Butterfly.

I also enjoy learning about amazing natural occurring phenomena in nature and painting them in acrylic paints on large canvases.

Hello and welcome.

My name is Joshua, and I am a multi disciplined artist based in Toronto, Canada.

I created this website to feature my fine artistry, in particular.

I currently paint my fine art with high grade acrylic paints onto quality canvases, of all sizes, using brushes and palette knives.

I like a lot of texture in my pieces so I use a lot of paint on my paintings which results in rich textures and exciting backgrounds, but also makes my larger paintings quite expensive to complete.

I am currently painting creatures, flowers, plants and natural phenomena in nature.

I have not had a show yet and would like to have one soon.


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